Birds of a Feather...

Our Story

As we have celebrated 5 years this past February 2018, we look back and are humbled, honored, amazed and a little shell - shocked as to what has grown from an October 7th 2012, 4:00 AM dream to the reality of a beautiful, safe place of new journeys for those seeking healthier paths to family, purpose and wholeness, traveling with them from survival to success.

We had no idea how, who, where, or when it would all come together. But God wasted no time to impress on us His desire for us to grasp that the new journey we were to embark upon and would leave no time or room for us to ponder the what if’s.

If we were to begin, and carry this out, there was no looking back, looking around the corner or testing this vision out.

We had to jump. This new journey for us, was living it out, and trusting very literally what our Journey verse promises that HE will do to... ”Lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them.” Isaiah 42:16.

Journey facilitates these sessions of hope for individuals from 14 through seasoned women of 80+. We have facilitated over 6,000 new journeys since opening in 2013.

All of us experience seasons we need help, hope and a space of heaven on earth to sink into.

We need those that sit on the other side of the table that have direction and belief that new is possible. Unknown? YES.....We had no idea what would really transpire. Unfamiliar? YES... not knowing where the funds, clients, volunteers, energy, or wisdom would come from.

Leaving security of jobs, the known, and the familiar. All to begin this wonderful adventure. What’s even more unbelievable was from conception to opening it was only four months.

On October 7th 2012, our Journey dream was born and on February 11th 2013 it was birthed into reality when we had our grand opening.

Through these five years we have witnessed and confirmed that those in crisis, are hurting, seeking or searching and so need the “sanctuary” Journey provides of an immediate sense of hope from the moment they walk in, and leave our doors with more answers and hope than questions & doubt.

It is our hope that through this leap we have taken, to bring the journey dream into reality, Journey may offer a place of solace, beauty, support and grace to those that visit and trust us enough to remain.

On the journey,

Christine & Margie